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If you have any questions on any of the LRAA Outings or if you would be willing to volunteer to be a coordinator for one of our Outings please contact us at:

PO Box 456
Devils Lake ND 58301

e-mail: lraa@gondtc.com

               Lake Region Anglers Association

      Outing Application Forms, Results & Photos

One of the objectives of the Lake Region Anglers Association is to create a spirit of fellowship amongst our membership and one way we try to accomplish this is through the interaction of our members at our fishing Outings that are held throughout the summer months.  We encourage all of our members to take part and enjoy this fellowship by participating in our LRAA sponsored Outings.

2015 Outing Application Forms

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2014 Outing Application Forms

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2013 Outing Application Forms

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2012 Outing Application Forms

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2011 Outing Application Forms & Results

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2010 Outing Application Forms & Results

2009 Outing Results

2008 Outing Results

  • Angler Young Angler -- Results; Photos/Slideshow (To advance to the next slide click on down arrow beside the number at the top page on the adobe PDF file.  There are a total of 29 slides available.  Press the escape button to exit slideshow.)