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If you would like to see a listing of some of the activities that your Association is involved in, please go to the "WHAT WE DO" page on the LRAA website.

It is through your membership dues and active involvement in LRAA that we are able to support activities like these. 

If you have any questions on becoming a member of LRAA, please contact us at:

PO Box 456
Devils Lake ND 58301

e-mail: lraa@gondtc.com


                Lake Region Anglers Association

           Membership News & Application Form

The live blood of all organizations, LRAA included is our having an active, involved membership.  We encourage all LRAA members to assist us in helping our association grow by taking part in our membership drive, "EACH ONE, REACH ONE." 

If every member would consider asking another person they know who enjoys the benefits of the work we do for the Lake Region fisheries to join LRAA as a member our Association as a whole would benefit.  It is through the efforts of you the members of LRAA that make us the quality organization that we are.

Support your recreational and fishing activities by becoming a member of LRAA.

We have three different types of memberships available, 1) individual memberships, 2) family memberships (includes all children in the household under the age of 18), and 3) business memberships.

The annual cost of dues for an Association membership is $20.

The Association membership year runs from April 1st through March 31st.


Membership Application Form [click here to download form]