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e-mail: lraa@gondtc.com


                Lake Region Anglers Association

                   "What We Do" 2015-2016

"WHAT WE DO" is a brief overview of some of the activities that your Lake Region Anglers Association is involved in.  We welcome all persons who enjoy the benefits of "WHAT WE DO" to become members of LRAA.

Your membership in LRAA helps us to advance the objectives of the Association.

The objectives of the Association are the Conservation and Preservation of our natural resources, enhancing recreational and fishing opportunities through our work with Lake Access projects, creating an environment that promotes a spirit of Sportsmanship and Fellowship amongst our members and supporting Youth Education and Youth Activities.



Association Member & Public Tournament Outings

  • Spring Northern & Walleye Tournament Outing
  • East Bay Tournament Outing
  • Devils Lake Open – open to the public
  • Angler Young Angler (AYA) Tournament in partnership with FM Walleyes – open to the public
  • Adult-Child Tournament Outing
  • Walleye Widow Tournament Outing

Annual Meeting– Meal, Association Business (Secretary & Treasurer’s Reports), election of Executive Officers and Board of Directors, Association, Guest Presentations, Awards, LRAA Team of the Year, LRAA Sportsperson of the Year, LRAA Lifetime Achievement), Raffles - Prize Drawings

Monthly Board of Director Meetings – Association Business - Open to the public – held the first (1st) Tuesday of each month – September through May at SmileQuest Dental Care starting at 7:00 PM

Game & Fish Appreciation Evening - get-together to recognize and thank the local and state Game and Fish Employees for all the work they do.
Association Newsletters - 3 per year – updates on club activities, how to fishing articles, topics of local, regional and statewide significance, legislative concerns related to fishing and our natural resources

LRAA Website – lakeregionanglers.com – Upcoming launch of NEW WEBSITE

E-Mail Tree - regular e-mail communications to the membership and interested parties on upcoming events, newsletters, items of interest. Provide a way for our members to be able to contact the memberships elected Board of Directors and Officers of LRAA through our e-mail contact address of lraa@gondtc.com

Community Activities - Provides Equipment, technical assistance and volunteer support to:

  • Flyway Fish Fry
  • Devils Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Fish Fry
  • North Dakota Telephone Company Fish Fry
  • Law Enforcement Fish Fry
  • Devils Lake Chamber Fishing Tournament
  • Devils Lake Volunteer Fire Department Ice Fishing Tournament
  • Angler Young Angler Fishing Tournament
  • Kim Barstad Memorial Fishing Tournament
  • NTC Walleye Fishing Tournament
  • Masters Walleye Circuit Fishing Tournament
  • Host of North Dakota Game and Fish District 3 Advisory Meetings
  • Lure Em’ for Life – Youth Camp
  • Fishing Has No Boundaries – Anglers with Disabilities
  • North Dakota Teen Challenge – Fishing Qwest

Support Become an Outdoors Woman through scholarships – Week long camp where focus is on learning in 28 different outdoor activities

Lake Access

Member of Devils Lake Access Committee - cooperative committee comprised of the City of Devils Lake, Ramsey County, Devils Lake Park Board and Lake Region Anglers. Goal to provide for improved access to fishing on Devils Lake and the Lake Region.

Coordinate new lake access projects, fish cleaning stations through-out the Lake Region in partnership with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, the City of Devils Lake, Ramsey County, Devils Lake Park Board

Provides consultation, money and volunteer labor to maintain Lakewood Landing, East Bay Landing, Estenson’s Landing, Henegar Landing, 6 Mile Bay Landing, Lake Irvine Landing and Pelican Lake Landing – Help purchase, install, maintain, clean-up Docks, Ramps, & Fish Cleaning Stations

Fundraising – Sponsorships - Calendar Raffle – funds used to support Lake Access Projects

Clean Water Grant - activities to help local businesses provide equipment to clean boats help prevent the spread of Aquatic Nuisance Species

Youth EDUCATION & Activities

  • Supports Lure Em’ for Life with 5 full scholarships for youth – Week long camp to teach youth about fishing in the classroom and on the water
  • Supports Exploratory Days for the middle school (5th-8th grades) with financial, equipment and volunteer support
  • Supports local Cub & Boy Scout Outings
  • Supports Sportsmen for Youth Expo
  • Supports College for Kids
  • Coordinator in partnership with FM Walleye's Unlimited, Inc. of the Devils Lake Regional Angler Young Angler (AYA) Fishing Program and the Angler Young Angler International Championship

Legislative - CONSERVATION - perservation

Member of North Dakota Sportfishing Congress (NDSFC) - The NDSFC is the fisherman's independent representative at the state and federal level. We offer support to the NDSFC who represents the interests of fisherman at local, state and the federal meetings. LRAA helps to support an independent lobbyist to work for the fisherman’s interests at the State Legislature each biennium.

Represent angler’s interests through communication with the Ramsey County Water Board, the Joint County Water Board and the US Fish & Wildlife. Projects include opening ice fishing on Lake Alice and with the Billings Lake Subcommittee addressing issues that affect sport fishing in the Lake Region such as the Carp issues at Billings Lake. Active with North Dakota Game & Fish on educating public on the negative effect Aquatic Nuisance Species would have on Devils Lake.

LRAA was chosen to be a representative of the state of North Dakota’s Fishing Tournament Committee and our LRAA Treasurer Brenda Barstad was appointed to a position on the Board by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.