NDSFC - Voices for Lake Oahe  

2013/2014 Officers

Chairman Tom Jochim jochimcattle@hotmail.com H: 701.336.7472 C: 701.321.1379
Vice-President Randy Bosch bayside@bektel.com H: 701.254.4462 C: 701.321.0229
Treasurer Joe Vetter, Jr. jvetterjr@bis.midco.net

Summer 701.254.4789
Winter 701.258.3463

C: 701.226.0382
Secretary Lynette Gefroh hideaway@bektel.com H: 701.336.7793  

2013/2014 Board of Directors

Wayne Jahner   H: 701.254.4383 Cell 701.471.7977
Tony Splonskowski tsplon@hotmail.com H:701.223.0326 Cell 701.426.9058
Doug Vannurden tracker58554@midco.net   Cell 701.400.6037

2013/2014 Lake Oahe Committee Members

Annual Meeting All Directors
Boat Ramp Tony Splonskowski, Randy Bosch, Doug Vannurden
Dam Tom Jochim,Tony Splonskowski, Randy Bosch, Doug Vannurden
Membership Randy Bosch, Lynette Gefroh, Wayne Jahner
Park Tony Splonskowski, Doug Vannurden, Wayne Jahner
Raffle Dwayne Jahner, Doug Vannurden, Joe W. Vetter, Lynette Gefroh

The Voices For Lake Oahe was established on February 22, 2003 to provide leadership in developing recreational, agricultural, economic and enviromental opportunities for Lake Oahe.

Our goals are:

  1) To provide a unified voice for Lake Oahe
  2) To promote and develop Lake Oahe
  3) To provide recommendations for developing access to Lake Oahe
  4) To inform and educate others about the economic and enviromental impact of maintaining adequate water levels on Lake Oahe
  5) To influence the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in updating the Master Plan for Lake Oahe

Membership dues are $ 25.00 per year for all membership classifications which include Individual, Family, Business and Organization. Anyone wishing to join will be sent an application -- write or call Randy Bosch, PO Box 591, Linton, ND 58552 -- Membership Application (Click here)


Voices for Lake Oahe and the Emmons County Commissioners are actively focusing on the Cattail Bay Road Improvement Project. This would consist of sub/grade prep. and paving of entire road way from Highway 1804 to the boat ramp, approximately 5.25 miles. Total estimated cost $2,088,762.00.

This project is broken down into two phases:

 Phase One:  Widen and prepare sub/grade base for paving from boat ramp (east) out to first intersection,  approximately 1.25 miles, this includes launch site and parking lot. Cost estimate $307,335.00.  Completion date fall of 2011.   

To date VFLO has secured $100,000 of SRF funds and $18,750.00 in private monies for total of  $118,750.00 of the estimated $307,335.00 for phase one.

Phase Two:  Minimal sub/grade prep. of remaining 4 miles and paving of entire project to be completed  in conjunction with schedule resurfacing of Highway 1804 from junction of Highway 13 (13 west of Linton) to the South Dakota border in 2012.

VFLO is working with District #28 Representatives Mike Brandeburg and William Kretschnar, and District #28 Senator Robert Erbele to draft a bill for introduction at the 2011 legislative session for the balance of funds to complete project.

Ron Kraft, VFLO Board of Directors; 223-1834

• VFLO Annual Membership Fun Night • May 5, 2012; KC Hall in Linton

Latest news on Lake Oahe Projects:
Emmons County (July 5, 2007)
VFLO Dam Meeting (August 16, 2007)

Hazelton Ramp & Campground (click here)
• Electricity to the Inner Circle camping sites is completed and the new playground equipment is in place; looks great; stop by and check it out.

Shoreline Access Table (click here)

Shoreline Access:

Hazelton Beaver Creek  
Ohlhauser Langelier  

VFLO Meeting Minutes:

Dec. 2013  
Nov. 2013   Aug. 9, 2011
Oct. 2013   July 11, 2011
Sept. 2013   June 14, 2011
Aug. 2013   May 7, 2011
    April 12, 2011
    March 7, 2011
    Feb. 8, 2011
    Jan. 11, 2011

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