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                  Lake Region Anglers Association

                       A Non-Profit Organization


Non-Profit Organizations -- A Non-Profit organization is formed by incorporating in the state in which the organization expects to do business. The act of incorporating creates a legal entity enabling the organization to be treated as a corporation under law and to enter into business dealings, form contracts, and own property as any other individual or for-profit corporation may do. The act of being a Non-Profit organization enables an entity to benefits when it comes to procuring funding and in using funds in the most effective manner to assist the organization in pursuing its stated goals and objectives.


The Lake Region Anglers Association is incorporated as a Membership Non-Profit Organization within the state of North Dakota under the name Lake Region Anglers, Inc. also known as Lake Region Anglers Association.

Non-Profit Articles of Incorporation

(click on following link to access the Non-Profit Articles of Incorporation)

Articles of Incorporation -- Click here


By-Laws -- By-Laws are the written rules for the conduct of a corporation, an association, a partnership or any organization.  The organization's By-Laws are drafted by a corporation's founders or directors. Unless otherwise provided by law, the organization does not formally exist until by-laws have been adopted.


The By-Laws generally provide the guidelines for the membership, for the organization meetings, for the election of the Board of Directors and the Officers of the organization. The By-Laws spell out the duties of the Executive Board of the organization and establishes the guidelines for how other routine conduct of the organization is to be handled. By-Laws are in effect a contract among the organization's members. The By-Laws once formally adopted, can be added to, altered, amended or repealed as spelled out procedurally within the organization's By-Laws.



(click on following link to access the LRAA By-Laws)