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NDSFC Annual Board Meeting and Fundraiser -- April 22, 2017, • AMVETS, Bismarck ND (Agenda)
  • Social at 6:00 pm; Dinner at 7:30 pm (2016 Fundraiser Winners/Photos)

April 22, 2017 (10:00 a.m.) Board meeting -- Bismarck AMVETS Club (prior to Fundraiser)

NDSFC Associate Clubs:

Barnes County Wildlife Federation, Valley City, ND Lake Region Anglers Association, Devils Lake, ND
Bis-Man Reel & Rec, Bismarck, ND Lure EM For Life, Bismarck, ND
Dakota Anglers, Jamestown, ND • ND Fishing Hall of Fame, Garrison, ND
FM Muskies, Inc., Fargo, ND Red River Area Sportsmen's, Wahpeton, ND
FM Walleyes Unlimited, Inc., Moorhead, MN Southwest Anglers Association, Dickinson, ND
Great Planers Trout & Salmon, Bismarck, ND Voices For Lake Oahe, Linton, ND

The North Dakota Sportfishing Congress (NDSFC) is the umbrella organization for all the fishing clubs of North Dakota. It is designed to be a watchdog and work with the Game and Fish Department, North Dakota Legislature and the Congress of the United States. The NDSFC is made up of an Executive Board consisting of a President, Past President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and five Directors-at-Large. Each member club is allotted two voting delegate at each meeting. The NDSFC also employs a lobbyist during the State Legislative sessions. The NDSFC meets at least twice a year with the main annual meeting and election of officers in the spring. Executive Board meetings are held as needed.

2016-2017 North Dakota Sportfishing Congress Officers & Board of Directors

Executive Board
President - Rich Brueckner, Devils Lake
Mike Anderson, Bismarck
Vice President - Ken Cumber, Jamestown
Don Baasch, Valley City
Past President - Duaine Ash, Devils Lake
Ed Dosch, Devils Lake
Treasurer - Rick Eagleson, Fargo
Jeffrey Herman, Bismarck
Executive Secretary - Marie Hoerner, Bismarck

Paul Haug, Fargo
Jason Kohlman, West Fargo
Don Schick, Bismarck

Ed Sweeney, Fargo
Keith Witt, Garrison


Faces of the Fisheries Division (ND Game & Fish)
The North Dakota Sportfishing Congress would like you to become acquainted with the staff at the Fisheries Division at the North Dakota Game & Fish, so each month a different Fisheries Division staff member will be featured below. 

Jeff Merchant - (Jan. 2009) Jerry Weigel - (April 2008) Phillip Miller -- (Aug. 2007)
Wes Erdle - (Dec. 2008) Gene Van Eeckhout-(Mar. 2008) Kinzler, Russell - (July 2007)
Brian Frohlich - (Nov. 2008) Bill Haase - (Feb. 2008) Jason Lee - (May 2007)
Paul Bailey - (Oct. 2008) Jeff Hendrickson - (Jan. 2008) Brandon Kratz - (April 2007)
Bob Frohlich - (Sept. 2008) Lynn Schlueter -- (Dec. 2007) Dave Fryda - (March 2007)
Justen Barstad - (August 2008) Pat John -- (Nov. 2007) Shane Shefstad - (Feb. 2007)
Scott Gangl - (June 2008) Fred Ryckman -- (Oct. 2007) Randy Hiltner - (Jan. 2007)
Brent Belland - (May 2008) Janice Vetter -- (Sept. 2007) Elstad, Scott -(Dec. 2006)

North Dakota Game and Fish District Fisheries Supervisors are on-line with interviews regarding prospects for the upcoming open water fishing season. Check out the GF link below for the 10-15 minute interviews with Tom Jensen:  http://gf.nd.gov

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