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The objective of the Dakota Anglers is to encourage and promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among men, women, and children; conserve and improve all sport fisheries, and fishing education.


Dakota Anglers was chartered in 1977. We are dedicated to Conservation, Education, Fellowship, and Sportsmanship.

Over the years we have completed many projects to better both the fisheries and the access to our area lakes. We have purchased and stocked bait fish into the Jamestown and Pipestem Reservoirs and funded a study of bait fish in the same reservoirs. We helped purchase 10,000 4-6" walleyes; freeze branded and stocked them into Jamestown Reservoir. We funded dollars for tagged fish programs to assist the ND Game and Fish Department biological research. We have helped fund many comfort stations, docks, handicap docks, and ramps in area lakes.

We purchased a pontoon for the Game and Fish Department in 1988 to be used for aquatic projects throughout the state. We have used it on numerous occasions to place Christmas tree reefs in both Jamestown and Pipestem Reservoirs.

We established our own Catch and Release Program in 1985 to encourage the release of game fish. Over many years, we have sponsored the cost to send numerous kids to fish camps.

We have three summer outings, one in June, July, and August. Annually since 1977 we have sponsored a Walleye/Northern Tournament. Since 1981 we have sponsored our "Little Britches" tournament for kids.